wiring a constellation: an open space

wiring 2

Wiring a constellation is a week-end of sharing and collective making, to explore embodied|sonore|sensorial|retrofutiristic modes of connexion from & for feminist and decolonial perspectives, and a way to share chosen practices before we leave for our respective spots in the word.

In these times of hyper-connection, how to choose, how to take care of connections that make sense and are dear to us? Can we prioritize these connections? Can we imagine rituals, maps, choreographies of attention with these desirable connections? How to choose, to tie, to wire, to twist and to traverse these connections and relations, in our bodies, our minds, our cybernetic spaces? Can we share, expend dream or design, free, feminist and decolonial technologies  ?  What, in our contemporary practices, nourrish or weaken our capacities for presence and connexion, to ourselves, to others, to our surrounding and planet ? What do we learn from feminist, healing, decolonial & hacking practices ? Which links do we want to cherish, and how ?

Join us for two and a half days of sharing and Do It Together explorations, to deepen ways to connect to each other, with retrofuturist, visionnary, reimbodied and mindful modes of connexions.

The intention is to learn from each-other, share what we like, dream and explore new and old practices and technics, but also to care for ways to stay connected, so we can still feed each other after we spread appart.

We will use the openspace technology to organise the week-end (The agenda will be set up collectively, we will document each session, and look at ways to move forward). Along with this format, a few evening activities and dinner will nourrish our bodies and soul.

This is part of a constellation space projet : https://aconstellation.space/

FR December 15:

  •  4pm-7pm @ Mur.at planning the wiring week-end
  •  Evening at ESC !
 SA December 16:
  • 10am-4pm @Forum Stadtpark : wiring a constellation of decolonial feminist sharing practices and visions : with the open space methodology; lunch will be ordered (pizza, parks, something like that);

SU December 17

  • 10-16 @Forum Stadtpark ; lunch will be ordered (pizza, parks, something like that);
  • 8pm-10pm @ Mur.at: videodance & telepresence exploration (Erthian Encounter ) with remote participation (Y, Shahir, JJ, Andie, Estela, Géraldine (CA/US/Mx)


Organisation : https://etherpad.servus.at/p/Wiring_A_constellation

Contact : goldjian@riseup.net