des particules d’amour actives

“Life [exists] only because of a myriad of synchronicities that bring us to this particular place at this particular moment. In return for such a gift, the only sane response is to glitter in reply. » Robin Wall Kimmerer

Des particules d’amour actives est un projet de recherche, de rituel et de création qui s’étale et s’explore en solitaire, en solitudes croisées, en constellation et en réunion.  Nous présentons ici 5 embranchements, étapes, branchies de ce projet qui s’éparpille et se constelle sur plusieurs espaces temps:

1 Deux jours de rituel en bullionie, Tiot’ia:ke, les 25 et 27 aout 2017

Évément soignée par Andie August & goldjian, avec la collaboration de Wyi pour une installation mortuaire.

affiche par wyi  –  dessin par andie august


1.1. Tertre – hotesse de terre, par Wyi

installation par wyi

1.2. Deaths, lives & queer love in between, par andie & goldjian

death life queer love.png

une performance préparée aux bulbes en résidence.





death life queer love.pngBringing togethers movement of death and lifes where wierd and queer forms of love merge and last in between, the night evening will intertwine, performances, projections, dances and music of queerly loving artists, with a mixture of prepared pieces and collective improvisation.

 recherche pour la performance avec goldjia& andie

1.3. Seul-e & Ceux.lles : daring to be kin, installation collective

seul e et ceux lles.png

Installation solo de goldjian,  un hommage à veRONica Meetos et une présentation participative,
Wigwam, bullionie, tiot’ia:ke, (montreal) august 26th

Solitude, enconters, relations & ruptures, suicide & eternities : a personal and participatory reflexion on daring to be kin in vulnerable lgbtqi and two spirit, colonising, colonised and decolonial constellations.

4. Performance pour le festival Transito, Mexico

4.1. Particulxs de amores activx, géraldine eguiluz, taniel morales, goldjian, (performance, pour le festival Como decir Nosotrxs, Transitio, Mexico 2017)

Performance en trio, Taniel Morales, goldjian, Geraldine Eguiluz, Transitio, Mexico

Artist, hackers & spiritual researchers, we are looking in the sky /in our heart/ in the cells & organisms within & around us, to relearn together what is it to make love in this universe. Against all cynism, that framed love as a damned freezing state or as a deeply damaging violations, we’ve learned from bell hooks that it s all about relearning how to shape deeply caring actions.

Armed with stetoscopes, telescopes and microscopes, and other devices for macrocosmic, microscosmic and (h)earthien recording, we collect knowledge from ancestral and contemporary lovers. We look at the future by magnifying movement of particules, to better understand the activities of creation maintenance and evolution of life  We know it’s all about love, but we have forgotten the way, so we look into the future. We listen to visionary fiction and story tellers, as they gather evidence that we are the science fiction of ancient times, and the birth giver of our future. We look in the interstices of rocks, mosses and earth and listen to stories of decolonial love. We collect the sounds of the earth. We plant seeds or look at them growing, without us. From our path, we gather, what we’ve found, what we’ve learned and discovered, pedagogies, methodologies and practices of love, dedication, and infinite care, together, to move forward, to get out of the anthropocen.

archive du festival : como decir Nosotrxs ?

4.2 Particules d’amour actives: dispersion, éparpillement, constellation

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