A constellation is an ensemble of stars whose appearance from a specific/situated position make them look visibily close enough that civilisations draw links between them, creating meaningful shapes.

To constellate is a practice that allows us to make sense, to align ourselves (Estela López Solís), and possibly to find lights and grow roost in a sky quite devoid of stars (Sheree Renee Thomas) citing Martin Luther King and Octavia Butler.)

This constellation aims at fostering hope, bonds and imagination by making visible feminist hacking practices and contemporary forms of healing and decolonization. She aims at looking at the loving celestial and terrestrial bodies that are being cared for in our exploitative colonial and ecocidal capitalist sky, from which we know too well the paleness. Remaining conscious of the ambient doldrums, the design of this constellation involves travels, discoveries, encounters, joint explorations and the collection of meaningful narratives, This immersive and participatory installation recreates a terrestrial-celestial vault, offering a collective navigation interface for the discovery of visionary practices and fictions.




  • Reliance choisie et multidimensionnelle de points lumineux éparses sur fond souvent obscure ou profond.
  • Dessins célestes et terrestres permettant de s’enligner
  • Tentative d’association entre point sensoriels distanciés
  • Attirance mutuelle d’intuitions dispersées
  • Voire:
    • projections
    • retro-futurisme
    • reliance
    • rose des vents