EeRteT 1.3 : consentes / we are ecosexuals

EeRteT2 erosland.jpg

Since a while, i m afraid to have sex with human. Trauma, rape, agoraphobia and difficult communication around consent has brought me to find other path for sexual expression

Since childhood, i ve developed a close intimacy with nature. I practice land art and landscape observation, i love video dance and dancing with projections, i love the very sensual practice of wearing a go pro without seeing what it s shooting.
I feel inspired and excited by ecosexual practices for the visions, love and inspiration they brings. To me, ecosexuals also talk about listening and consent. And to me, this a learning path.
When i arrived in Turtle Islands,
native and metis elders tought me to ask before cutting a plant.
and if the plant refuse tk give her life, to respect.
and to thank and give back to the land.
hairs, tabaco, seeds…
Can we apply this mindful relation when having a sensual erotic sexual relationship with nature ?
how can we ask ?
what do we learn ?
what do we feel ?
what do we give ?
what do we share ?
Can this pleasure be shared ?
What does it mean ?
Two optional paths :
  • A workshop :
To bring a group of people in the forest, for a collective gathering, that foster sensitive sensual and consensual relation with the land.
This workshop will provide a minimalist structure to bring participants in mindful sensitive and sensual states
and bring them to either
 – write a poem
– record a spoken word poem
 – shoot a small video
 – make a drawing
 of erotic sensual sexual and consensual relation to nature.
Material will then be presented to the group and curated for display in a installation at pervers/cité main location.
  • A call for participation
Send 3-10 min video, poems or spoken words that present a sensual sexual erotic orgasmic relation with nature, landscape, plants, tree, mushrooms, animals, insects, water, minerals (…)
Be aware of consent, slowness is suggested, gratefulness and mutual respect too.
You can, or not, appear in the movie.
  • An outcome : an installation and a potential performance
An installation with video projection, plants, poems, spoken words.
If context feels safe enough : a 20 (ish) min solo or duo performance within the installation.