EeRteT 1.1 : Tertres

Earthien Encounters
Rencontres Terrestres
Encuentros Terrestres

EeRteT 1.1 from Anne Goldenberg on Vimeo.

Realisé avec le soutien
realised with the support of

We are scattered on several continents.
We belong to the same planet.
We live on the solid part of the globe , in cohabitation with millions of minerals, organisms, animals and plants.

We connect with the tertres, the telluric movements, the choreographies of the territories.

We listen to their calls, their parties, their songs, their reorganizations.

We care about what humans are doing and neglecting on this earth.

We sometimes feel tertres, mounds of earth covering a burial place,
tumuli of accumulated stories, hummus of the past and of tumults to come.

We know about a few places of birth and coming back to life.

It is in these sacred spaces, with telluric fragrances,
that we will pause for a moment, for the time of a dance,
& the time to observe the dance that is already there,
at work, with and without us.

We meet, in situ, in virtu, with different means of connection,
projections and reincarnations for a sensitive,
danced and musical encounter.

From our different earthian time spaces,
we bring together a chosen territory
and their momentary inhabitants,
by listening to what emerges from this encounter.


A videodance performance
filmed at, Graz, Austria, Dcember 16th 2017
with dance from goldjian
& live music from Géraldine Eguiluz & John Jacob


With videos & dances from :

1 Estela López Solís , Nov 2017, Tierra,
Orford, Qc, Canada, Terre/Tierra/Ohóntsa’

2 Saša & Ziggy, Nov 2017 , Wind’s solace,
Verdun, Tio’ta:ke (montréal) Qc, Canada, Earth/Terre/Ohóntsa’

3 Géraldine Eguiluz, Nov 2017, Os au filet d eau,
Tzintzuntzan, Mexico, Terre/Tierra/Echeri

4 Elen Foster & goldjian, Nov 2017, For the mur,
Graz, Austria, Earth/Erde

5 John Jacob/daë & Chrissysamples Nov 2017, Big tree park,
Florida, US, Earth

6 Shahir Qrishnaswamy (vidéo), May 2017, Seaweed dance,
Haida Gwaii, Earth/Hlanggwáy tlagáay


with the telepresence through
Géraldine Eguiluz (Tzintzuntzan, Mexico,Earth)
Saša (Tio’ta:ke, Canada, Earth)
Wyï (Tio’ta:ke, Canada, Earth)
Shahir Qrishnaswamy (Tio’ta:ke, Canada, Earth)
Elvira Korman (London, UK, Earth)
John Jacob/daë (Florida, US, Earth)
anonymous participant (Earth)

Montage du film :
Goldjian & López Solís

a project by Goldjian