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Note: the ideation of this project is largely inspired by indepth conversations with Wyi. The first iteration of this performance took place on earth, online and during a local event organised in Mur.at, Graz, Austria, intitled, Wiring a constellation (december 14-16th). 






We are scattered on several continents. We belong to the same planet. We live on the solid part of the globe in cohabitation with millions of minerals, organisms, animals and plants. We connect with the mounds, the telluric movements, the choreographies of the territories.  We listen to their calls, their parties, their songs, their reorganizations. We care about what humans are doing and neglecting on this earth.  

We sometimes feel tertres, mounds of earth covering a burial place, tumuli of accumulated stories, humus of the past and of tumults to come. We know about a few places of birth and coming back to life. It is in these sacred spaces, with telluric fragrances, that we will ask ourselves a moment, the time for a dance, the time to observe the dance that is already there, at work, with and without us

We will try a meeting, in situ at first, in virtu then, with different means of connection, projections and reincarnations for a sensitive, danced and musical encounter. From our different earthian time spaces, together, we will try to bring together a chosen territory and their momentary inhabitants, by listening to what emerges from this encounter.



1) Participant will send a film of 3 to 10 min, in still frame, which testifies of a physical encounter between a human and those who live on this chosen mounds .

The movie can show a landscape or a closeup, with or without human in it.

2) The projection of these films,  (on december 16th) will be offered to the accompaniment in movement and in sound, by other humans, in a space linked by electronic wires. For exemple:


3) The performance aims at exploring the reimbodiement and possibilities of telepresence in videodance, dance and music. It is also a way to honor special landspaces, that forms dwelling, tertres or mounds, where we connect with rocks, water and humus, where we feel past and coming death, and points of restaurations.

Below, some exploration of dance with projection of landscape and dance movies.

note: special thanks to valentina vuksic for her complicity in this photo shoot 🙂

Technical Summary:

The films are of a duration of 3 to 10 min will be sent for the December 10 via youtube (or via FTP if necessary), for collective visualization and choice in the orders of screening. On a chosen date, each video will be screened and could interpreted in situ either by a dancer and or a musician. All the participant will be invited to join in a videostream of telelpresence. If they are called to do so, they will join some of the screened movies, by dancing withi n the projection or by playing live music for it. They will also be invited to record their experience of the performance.


Timeline – times zones

  • December 10: send movies via youtube (or via ftp)
  • December 11-13: viewing of films and choice of order of passage
  • December 14th: technical test (for those for whom this is possible)
  • December 16th:  virtual and reembodied meeting at
    • 12:30 (12.30 am for screening at 1.pm in Mexico City)
    • 13:30 (1.30 pm for screening at 2pm in Qc & Florida time)
    • 19:30 (7.30 pm, for screening at 8.pm in Austrian time, )


Virtual meeting space:

The meeting will take place on a free video conferencing channel (precision to come). We’re going to try to avoid proprietary software such as skype et
You will probably need to install a free software to participate in the meeting

If you live in Tiota’ke, known collectively as Montreal, we encourage you to gather around a projector, with an internet connection (in the studio of Shahir and Y for example)

Local space:
Suggested disposition:


Each participant is invited to gather (according to the means and possibilites)

  • a projector (to project the film series)
  • a dance space or movement in front of the projection
  • a computer with a webcam, a phone or a tablet (for online meeting)
  • a computer connected to the internet (for online meeting)
  • of musical instrument, to possibly sound the dance
  • a camera (with enough space | empty and loaded, in battery) to record the experiment.

Each participant can choose to:

  • send only a 3 to 10 min still frame movie
  • send a movie with sound accompaniment (in situ or on a separate file)
  • not join to the virtual meeting  (one or more video recordings will be sent to all participants)
  • join the virtual meeting without contributing to the video performance
  • participate to the virtual meeting and contribute to the performance by intervening in the projection of one or more of the films with sound or/and with movement

The choice of contribution should be specifif by december 14th.


Suggestion of in situ procedure:


spend 10 to 60 minutes meditating on the place of the earthly encounter (of the film and the possible dance) by observing / describing what is happening in the ecosystem of this space.

(bring warm drink and warm extra clothe for cold weather)

Suggested exercise:

1.0. choose a frame
1.1. write for 10 minutes what happens in this setting
1.2. mount this frame to the cube, write for 10 min what happens in this cube
1.3. now observe what’s happening between the cube and its environment
1.4. note what in you, want to dance with and in this setting.


Prepare a camera and a stand  to film this frame.
Plan to free disk space for the movie
Charge the batteries (notes or inhabitants of the north: the batteries discharge more quickly in cold weather !)
If possible, ask for help from an ally.
After a few minutes of meditation, perform a dance that can last from 3 to 10 minutes.
If the dance lasts longer, it should be edited


The films are to be sent by December 10th, either by uploading to youtube or by FTP file sending procedure.


each participant will be invited to watch the contribution, suggest or agree of order of screening, and propose a mode of intervention (movement, sound, none…)

December 16th, (if possible) meet online for check up at 12.30pm | 1.30 pm | 7.30 pm
( video conference tool to be specified)

Performance starts at 1 pm  (Mexico) | 2 pm  (Quebec and Florida) | 8 pm (Austria)