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From March 23 – 30, at CAPSL/CEREV, Margaret J Mather presents Dancing Agents: Remapping Gender and Remixing Traces in Digital Culture, wich traces back her artistic journey of Margaret. Her research-creation project is making a mess of dance and technology through the framework of feminist Science and Technology Studies. To explore specific strategies and feminist interventions, this exhibit celebrates her artistic work and pivotal collaborations that remap gender in digital culture. Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, the work comments on political shifts of power in reflection to her case studies and to the current social and cultural upheavals in the states.

3 events:


The main work « Sensing a Constellation » is currated in collaboration with Goldjian and currate several pieces of inspiration
Sensing a consteallation is a sensitive interface to navigate a collection of traces of healing, decolonial, feminist hacking practices.
A constellation is an ensemble of stars : from a situated knowledge perspective, our civilizations draw links between them by creating meaningful shapes. To constellate is a practice that allows us to make sense, to align ourselves (Estela López Solís) and eventually to add stars in a sky already deprived of light (Walidah Imarisha citing Martin Luther King). 
We ask: how does contemporary technofeminism, afro, and native futurisms generate a constellation of hopes, solidarities and intersectional practices in order to dance forward a desirable future? 
As ways to get out of the capitalocène/anthropocène, Alex Hache, in « De l’univers clos au monde infini » suggests that instead of trying to escape and settle on other planets, we have to come back on earth and look at the infinity of feminist and native tales and practices. 
To us, this constellation is healing. She is made of encounters, holds breaths, and shares inspirations. Touch, movement, moments of peace, texts, sounds, memories, dances, records, drawings, and connexions act as infinite modes of honoring, hacking, creating and healing.
This is the first iteration into an ongoing process in terms of thinking about relational, citational, honoring, and gathering practices through feminist, decolonial gestures. 
This exhibit is running in conjunction with the Humanities Ph.D. Conference, DIRTY DISCIPLINES, WILD KNOWLEDGES: How is our work given vital form in a time of a-disciplinarity?

Here is a  video presentation of the exhbilition space

(work in progress!)

Presented work (permissions, relations and care in process…)

  • All our laptops , Valentina vuksik, audified laptop, recorded at between zero and ones
    permission granted
    Audification of Sisters Server , Valentina Vuksik,
    permission granted
  •  Poems for a constellation Fran Slingerland
    permission granted
  • breath  by Fran Slingerland and Khiron
    work made on purpose / permission granted


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