Healing constellations: a care and wonder suitcase

  1. How does healing take shape in the digital ages ?

  2. How does colonization, migrations, diaspora affect our relation to senses making and healings ?

  3. Beyond co-modification,  what economics of healing can we dream of ?

  4. What would a constellation of healing stories, practices & gift looks like if it was hypertextual and cared for as a common ?

  5. And if, healing require sacredness solitude and secrecy : how to stay out of the map(s) and still, align ourself, constellate ?


This project comes from the Department of care and wonder, formed a few years ago within the Ministry of Hacking (Mur.at) and has been inspired by my practice of constellation making (visionary mind mapping) along with an interest for low tech and small size installation, fitting in sensitive suitcase collective luggage. We want to give to Iterations an installation and some tools fiting in a suitcase, providing present and future participants with a deployable constellation space, offering an incremental archive for self care and collective healing.

Healing is an old northen europe word meaning, making whole again, in mind, body, spirit, community and environment. In times of  migration, globalisation. environmental crisis and cultural disconnexion, we’ve lost habits of reading the sky, the water, and the land, healing tend to be comodified while we equal connexion with access to the internet, apps and social networks. In Sacred economies, Charles Eisenstein asks: How can we create community if we pay for all we need ? His argument is that community arise from a gift economy, from the meeting of deepest needs. In the fascination for speed and power that they convey, digital technologies has often been colonial, both creating and destroying precious connexion to ourself, to the earth, to each others and to elders. At the same time, feminist, decolonial and environmental artist, (h)ac(k)tivists and healers deepens ways to reconnect to deeper meanings

As the neuroscientist physicist and cherokee healer Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona underligns, healing needs communities and stories. Questions, Gift, stories of wisdom and stories of healing, to feed our needs of sense making. Along with other participants, I would like to design a dedicated space for « technologies of soul realignement « , as suggested by Tabita Rezaire, when refering to pushing decolonial practices toward affirmative healing path of reconnexion. How to find or create paths, lost in the modern world ?

In particular, during the residency, i would like to (1) give a workshop about personal and collective healing practices, (2) collect stories, healing practices, questions and gifts and with the help of others, (3) care for a suitcase with several gifts, tools and a small deployable installation for future iterations (4) draw a sky of healing common, using ancient technologies such as hypertext, sound recording, and DIY projection, in order to organize the collective corpus.

Through workshops, writing sessions and audio interview, participants will be invited to tell stories of healing, of restorations, of overcoming dispair, loss, difficulties and dead-ends.  They will also be invited to ask questions and to offer some gifts, some skills, to create potential connexions between present and future participants. Possibly using the Sympoiesis set up for the hypertext structure of the project, the interviews along with writen instructions will be displayed and stored in a mobile archive, that will follow the next Iterations, along with a simple audio and projection system. This project aims at creating an incrementable and hypertextual data base of healing stories, healing practices, gifts and questions : a collective sky stored in a sensitive lugage.